2020 Annual General Meeting – Using Zoom

This AGM will be held through Zoom – a video conferencing platform that is very easy to use. You can do a practice Zoom login on your computer by visiting this test link: https://fsu.zoom.us/test. You will find more information on meeting protocol and using Zoom below. 

Your Zoom Registration

  • For your Zoom registration, please use this link in advance of the meeting: (ZOOM REGISTRATION HYPERLINK)
  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
  • On (AGM DATE), please use the link and unique passcode from the Zoom registration confirmation email.

Joining the Meeting

The Zoom meeting will open at (30 Minutes Before the Meeting) allowing you time to get logged in and set up. Our Zoom support contact (NAME OF ZOOM SUPPORT CONTACT) will be assisting those unfamiliar with Zoom

When you first connect to the meeting you will be in the waiting room. Please be patient while we check you off the registration list and admit you to the meeting.

At 7 pm, the Chair will do a brief introduction, run over some technical notes and open the meeting.

If you are attending using your smartphone, please download the Zoom app from the appropriate Apple, Google or Windows store beforehand and have it open before clicking the email link to join the meeting.  This is to connect correctly for voting.

After you have been admitted to the meeting, be sure the screen name in your Zoom window is your first and last name.  If it is not, you can change this by clicking Participants at the bottom of the main Zoom window, hover over your name, click More, click Rename then change to your name.

Each attendee should be logged into the meeting from a unique device If more than one person is attending on a single device, only the person logged in will be able to vote.

If your computer does not have a microphone or speakers, you can follow the audio by calling in on your phone while you watch on another device. During the meeting, you can mute by pressing *6 your phone.

1. Open the email invitation

2. At the bottom of the email locate the meeting ID and your unique passcode

3. On your phone, call 1-855-703-8985 (NOTE: the numbers in the Zoom confirmation email may incur long distance charges)

4. Enter the meeting ID from your email, followed by #

5. When prompted, enter your unique passcode.

Note: You can choose to listen by phone without watching on another device by skipping step 5, but you will not be able to vote when the polls are presented by video.

If you have problems login into the meeting, you can call (PHONE FOR ZOOM SUPPORT) for help.

Voting in the Meeting

We will be using the Zoom polling feature for voting in the AGM, so it is important that you follow the steps below to confirm your Zoom registration and sign into the meeting.

When you click the link at the bottom of this email you will be asked for your name and email. After you complete and click submit you will receive an email from Zoom with the AGM Zoom meeting link. Use this to join the AGM on October 27

New to Zoom?  Please Read These Notes:

*Please note*We do not own any videos linked below – These are all public YouTube videos and we have tried to insert the simplest ones

  • You will join the zoom meeting through the email sent to you after your Zoom registration.  Here is a quick video on how to join a zoom meeting.
  • Here are some handy tips on how configure your audio and video settings.
  • When you join in your mic and video will be allowed on for a brief period of chatting before we get started.
  • Once the meeting starts at 7:00, we will mute everyone to ensure our presenters have the stage.
  • If you have questions or comments during the meeting, please use the Chat feature in Zoom with the “everyone” designation. We will have someone monitoring the Chat to notify the Chair as questions and comments come up.
  • Turn on the Chat by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the main Zoom window.  The icons will appear when you hover your cursor at the bottom of the window. Please view this video for a quick how to: In-meeting Zoom Chat
  • If you are using a PC you do not need to download Zoom to your computer, just click the link in the Zoom email and follow the instructions.
  • If you are using a MAC you need to download Zoom to your computer and then enter the meeting ID, please follows these instructions.
  • Check out this page to learn how to customize your profile in Zoom. How-to edit your name/ profile